Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More pictures.

Here are some more recent pictures. This is still old work, it is just more recent than the last post. I will eventually get to my current work. Click on an image to view full resolution.
All images created in Blender 3D and are copyright of Benjamin Hubel.

Ceramic Robot
I created this for the purpose of testing some material settings in blender. The textures are all procedural

Green Glass Dragon
This one was fun. I originally made the model for a simple animation I was working on, but decided to try out various looks, and finally settled on a glassy material setting. I later added the reflective ground plane.

Circles Test
This was the result of wanting a decent background image for my computer.

Circles Test 2
This was my second version of making a background image for my computer

Abstract Green Hallway
Not much to describe here. It's just an abstract picture I made.

Duck Hunter
For this I started out by creating the duck, and then decided that he needed a gun.

Castle Town
This is one of the versions of a castle I have been working on at various times. It is mostly just two houses duplicated a massive number of times, but that will change, since this was just done for the purpose of designing the street layout.

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